Morning warmup scribble. Inspired theclotheshorse tumblr post. ...

The Blacklist scribbles.

Sleepy Hollow scribbles.

Almost Human scribble.

Scribbling with the Pencil.


Sketchbook scribbles. They still happen.

Solstice on Vimeo

A proper scribble.

Scribble sketch dump! See, I’ve been scribbling.

Friday scribble.

Cuzi it’s Friday and it’s JCD.

Haven’t posted in a bit. I owe ya’ll a drawing. If...

Quickie Cloak and Dagger scribbles.

Morning warm up scribbles.

Morning scribble. Just for fun.

Monday afternoon scribble.

Is it self portrait day? Just in case…

saturday scribbles.

Scribble, scribble.