Tr!ckst3r: 2013

That's right folks, it's happening all over again! Trickster 3 is going to be in San Diego again this year. So if you're attending the San Diego Comic Con I highly recommend you drop by for a moment of respite, some art therapy, and some creator owned goodness! (And bowling! Did I mention there would be bowling?) Pop on by the East Village Tavern And Bowl (900 Market Street, San Diego).

Trickster has always been about supporting creator owned comics, so I'm also very proud to announce that the anthology book Childhood Heroes will be available to purchase there.  Dreamed into existence by Bobby Rubio, Austin Madison and myself, it is an anthology that features the heroic childhood creations from our youth. But we won't be the only ones contributing to this book. It features the talents of several comic book and animation industry professionals! So make sure you drop by and pick the book up!

Here's a peek of my personal Childhood Hero: Troubleshooter: