Inktober 2012: Post mortem

Wow! What a whirlwind month! With all the stuff I had going on, I still managed to find time to squeeze out some sketches! It was a fun little exercise that I'm sure to continue in the future (maybe not so publicly next time.) 
Participating in this exercise taught me a few things:
1) I need to draw on paper more. I find it fun and you can't beat real world feedback. Plus you get a lot of cool stuff for "free".
2) I need to draw more in general. Man was I rusty. I found it hard to get my ideas down in sketch form and even harder to finalize them in ink.
3) My ink skills are not the greatest. I used to have a mean brush pen stroke. Alas it's no longer up to snuff. Although I will say that a good ink stroke comes from confidence as I haven't been inking on paper lately confidence is in short supply.

When it's all said and done though, I did it. That's what's important. If you're at all curious to see what the results click on the Inktober label and check out all the entries.