Marvel Madness

So on top of all the other things I'm doing I decided to contribute to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: REDUX EDITION. I was such a huge fan of these books when they first came out, I would spend hours flipping through the pages reading about all of the amazing (and often insane) characters Marvel was populating their world with.
In a way, those books are part of what inspired me to start on my 365 Supers challenge. So when I saw this page (via Kris Anka) I absolutely couldn't pass up an opportunity to contribute. I contacted the blog's organziner Calamity Jon and begged to pitch in. He (very kindly) agreed. Here's a look at my first contribution: COTTONMOUTH!

Definitely subscribe to the blog because there are some amazing contributions. And stayed tuned for more.


JC said…
our original influences are all too important! I'm glad you hold on to them Everett. Serves as a great reminder. =0)