Another Comic Con has come and gone and every year it seems to get bigger. I had a blast popping
around all the booths and checking out all the new and shiny. I managed to split my time pretty evenly between Comic Con and Trickster. That made for a very enjoyable, very rememorable trip. Here are some pics of the hightlights.

Met the super talented Mr. Scott Kurtz.

Tricia Helfer has me (battle)STAR struck!


Corey Walker and Nate Bellegarde doing their thang.
I can never seem to get away from the job.

Squirrel girl!

Maybe if I ignore her she'll go away...

Watching Mr. Darwyn Cooke draw.


Chris Silva said…
Damn...looks like it was a lot of fun! Can't believe I missed it this year, especially squirrel girl!!! But next year! Definitely next year.
Carrie Liao said…
HEYY it was very cool meeting you at Con! Sorry again that we didn't run into each other at the Trickster party, but CTN for sure! :)
Everett Downing said…
Chris- yeah man, you're definitely have to come out next time. Should be a blast!

Carrie- CTN for the win!!