New year changes

I've been meaning to make this post since the start of the New Year, but it seemed like work, family and my personal projects were conspiring to work against me. But I was determined to get this out before January's end so here we are. When I started this blog 6 years ago (six years? Has it been that long?) my intention was to use it solely as a place to post images in an attempt to get myself to draw regularly. In the time since, it's been everything from a sketch dump to a soapbox, really with very little focus or specific purpose. I've started other blogs with a narrower purpose, but to my mind with very little impact or function. Since this New Year started and since the birth of my second beautiful little girl, I've come to really reflect on my goals and my passions. I am now of the opinion that it really is time for me to focus and to discuss things that are not only of interest to me, but pertinent to what I want to do with myself as well.

 Every New Year I make my resolutions and there's one resolution that's always the same; Tell more stories. It's something I've always been passionate about, but it's rarely something I've been able to really accomplish. Well I aim to change that, and I've decided to start with this site. I'm going to go down for a bit, but the blog isn't going to disappear. I'm taking time to collect my thoughts (and my blogs) and begin presenting information in a more focused manner. And yes, tell stories. I see this as an intermission curtain call while I get my next act together. The goal, to share my passion, and stories with you.

See you soon.


Graham Ross said…
CU soon man! :)