Static Shock Redesign/Dwayne McDuffie memorial

As some of you may know, comic book writer/creator Dwayne McDuffie passed away a little over a month ago. It was a huge blow for the comics community, and for me as well. As the creator of Static Shock and an outspoken and successful African American artist, the man was an inspiration to me. So when I found out that Project Rooftop was asking for Static redesigns as a memorial to the creator, I eagerly joined in. Here is the redesign I came up with:

Static controls electrity and can magnetize metals so he's somewhere between Electro and Magneto. 

Static from the animated series.

If any of you are unfamiliar with Dwayne McDuffie he founded Milestone Comics, and created Static Shock as for it's line up. Milestone was later bought by DC which in turn brought the young hero into it's cannon. McDuffie wrote for numerous DC books and animated films the last of which was All Star Superman.  Here are are few clips of McDuffie speaking about African American Supers and the history of Luke Cage.


Lady Garland said…
I absolutely loved this show! Your redesign looks awesome!