Habitat for my Humanity

I finally got around to re-decorating my office at work. Pixar is very cool about letting us personalize our spaces and when I ended up getting my own office, I really wanted to put my unique stamp on the room. The theme I went for was Comic-book Gallery. Geek chic. Comics really set me on the path to animation and eventually led Pixar. I remember clearly the first comic-book that convinced me that this was something that I really wanted to do.

This comic started started me on my path.

 The Uncanny X-men issue 173: To Hand and to Have Not.

Written by Chris Claremont, pencilled by Paul Smith and inked by Bob Wiacek, it featured Wolverine and Rogue mixing it up with Viper and the Silver Samurai in Japan. In particular there is a show down between Logan and Silver Samurai that just blew me away. It was different than anything I had seen at the time. No banter between advesaries. Just stark panels of some of the most dynamic fighting I'd ever seen. It seemed appropriate to feature these pages on my wall. The entire transformation took an entire weekend with the help of a really good friend. (I owe that guy a couple of beers for sure!) In the end, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I thought I'd share it with you.

A glimpse of the drab grey carpets before.

New flooring and trim. So much nicer!

Here's the finished room. These are the best images my iPhone could give me. Doesn't do the room justice, but it gives you an idea.


Bobby Chiu said…
looks awesome!!!!!!
Tom said…
Did you get those posters of wolverine!?
Awesome looking room !!!
Wow! Freaking awesome!!
Chris Silva said…
Come On!!! Again... way to cool. I want one!!!
Ev said…
Thanks guys!

@Tom- I actually scanned the pages and blew them up to 40 x 60. I then tile printed them on 11 x 17, cut and then glued them all together.
OMG, that's looking AWWWESOME ! I can imagine walking into such an office every morning and the inspiration batteries jumping beyond 100 %.
Dan said…
Everett, I saw your interview on Chiu Stream, very inspiring stuff working from the ground up all the way to Pixar. X-men was a huge influence for myself as well.
Great blog!

Tiago Rovida said…
What a dream office man! I loved the KABOOOMM!!!
nate v said…
Too cool!
Tim Robinson said…
Awesome set up!