Mojo milestone

It's been awhile since I've updated, and that's because I've been super swamped. But after months of work, I finally did it. I managed to wrap up the first draft of the entire story arc on Mojo. Originally I had planned to write the first couple books and then circle back and start laying out and drawing Book 2. But I found that as I got into it, I really needed to push through to the end and get the whole thing down on paper. I wanted to make sure the tent poles were there and everything made sense so I could focus all my energy on the drawing and execution. I've handed the draft over to a few close friends who's judgement I trust, and now I'm waiting for feedback. As soon as I get it, I'll be diving back into it again, making fixes and nailing story points down. I'm hoping that by the time February passes, I'll be able to start laying out Book 2. Hopefully all this means I'll have something ready for SDCC this year. Wish me luck!


Vanhoozerbot said…
Congrats! And I LOVE this sketch man.
Ev said…
Thanks man! I can't wait to start drawing.