Respect your process

So as I started working on the next MOJO book, I decided to take a step back and work a bit on the outline for the enitre story. As I've been working to hash things out, I've been trying tons of different approaches to brainstorming. I've written treaments. I made outlines. I've written inspirational fiction to set the tone. But nothing has been really catching... until I whipped out the notebook! That's right, up until that point I did all my writing on the computer... and I was running into road blocks. It wasn't until I whipped out that yellow lined paper and actual pencil touched actual page that things really started cookin'. Now, this isn't the case when it comes time to actually write the script. This odd writing block only occurs when I'm in the blue sky phase of creating.
So what am I trying to get at with this little confession. Respect your process. Whatever works for you works, use it. I used to do all my brainstorming on paper. It was all part of my crazy creative alchemy until somewhere along the way I was wooed to the computer (perhaps by one of the numerous scripting books I've been reading). If you have to hang upside down naked in the moonlight to get inspired, you do it. It's worth it if it gets you creating.


Hey EV,
Nice post. Its very true. Thanks for sharing.
JC said…
couldnt agree more my friend.
i've been hoping back and forth on the computer, but at the end of the day, i use a mix - 1/2 of my boards/panels are in ink wash, other chapters in pencil, still another in photoshop. damn, are you gonna make me finally join facebook? =0) i can't keep up with all that!
Munchanka said…
Dude, you told me you wouldn't tell anyone about my moonlight trick.