The evolution of Mojo

The very first image of MOJO
I was picking through some of my old development art for Mojo recently as I prepare to get into book two and I ran into an old pic of the character. The first in fact. It made me cringe to look at, but at the same time I marveled at how much the character had changed over the years I've been drawing him.

This is a story that's been in my head for quite awhile and only recently have I decided that I wanted to tell the story.
I orginally got the idea while creating a character for the MMO City of Heroes. I created a character called Green Golem who was basically this huge magical golem I imagined the police worked with to on the magical cases that went bad, magical Super SWAT if you will. The character was simple in design, big rock guy but I wanted something cool on his chest. As I cycled through an amalgamum of chest emblems
Early exploration
I happened across a huge gem and it clicked. Alot of the ground works for the character jumped into my mind as I launched my vigilante career. Over the next couple months of obsessive play the character grew more in my mind and I really became more and enamored with the idea of the guy.
Starting to move towards the current design.
Long after I let my CoH account fall into disuse, the idea lingered. Eventually I could take being haunted by the idea anymore so I started actively writing. Of course, over the entire time I was drawing. I thought it'd be cool to share some of the old designs with you.

Getting a little warmer.
This drawing was part of the model sheet I did for Book One.

Mojo as he appears in Book One

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Dan McDaid said…
I have ordered my copy!

I am excited!!!
Pedro said…
Very cool stuff... thank you for sharing this with us
Pedro said…
cool stuff Flynn... thanks for sharing.
Ev said…
Awesome! I'm sending it out today.
JC said…
cool've got to include them in a gallery at the end of your series,when it's compiled. =0)
Trent Correy said…
That looks sweet dude, great stuff!! Fantastic blog!!
Vanhoozerbot said…
Wow Ev... super awesome.
I am in awe.


Aaron Hartline said…
Interesting - so the jewel in the chest was always there from the beginning?