More Falcon stuff

So somehow amid the insanity that is my schedule lately, I actually found a little time to play around with some Falcon designs. (Probably after being completely inspired by Paul's Falcon reply!)
I went the black costume route with a full helmet. A little battle of the planets? Maybe, but I really liked the idea of him looking like a Falcon. I tried to incorporate the designs from the old school suit, but I liked the bottom half more than the first so I just dropped the weird red fringe at the top and expanded the bottom. Still messing around. Don't know if I'll get around to doing a full fledged mock up.

A few sketches

Also Paul has thrown the gauntlet again. This time we got into a discussion about who was liked as a kid. Well the vision came up and we started reminiscing about how we used to dig the old Avenger books when John Byrne. Paul took it one step further by sending my this link. (Of course this prompted a HUGE discussion of the current state of comics and how they used to be fun, not so much anymore, yada yada. That's a bigger discussion for another time.)
Anyway that cinched it! Vision is up next and who knows, this might lead to a whole slew of Avenger homages. I did this sketch the green, yellow, red andriod.
I'm officially wrapping on Up today, so I things should calm down for a bit. Maybe I'll actually get to finish these up!


Paul Conrad said…
Love the Falcon re-designs!
I like that last nonhooded one too.
Very cool.... allright then.
See you in the ring. :D
cup o jo said…
totally dig the falcon redesigns. Congrats on wrapping UP! When are we gonna see the The obvious ones like Jon Stewart GL, or the little know Invisible kid (the 2nd one w/ the skunk fro!)and Machiste from the Warlord Comic... I know you know who I'm talking about.
Graham Ross said…
Where's captain america dude!?