Progress Report

IT'S been a crazy couple of weeks, but I'm finally back on track again. Up has been keeping me very busy, but I've managed to start getting back to my MOJO pages again. I'm in full swing and starting to put some of these pages away. The deadline for Afterworks 3 has been pushed until the end of January (mercifully). I'm working really hard to make sure I finish up by the end of the year so I can spend some time in January tweaking and sweeting the pages up.
Here's quick peek of some of the work in progress. I'll be posting more in the coming months.


Jake said…
these mojo panels are exciting to see! can't wait to pick up a copy when the tome is done. =D

oh hey, i caught the up trailer the other day--almost shit my butt it looks so cool. it brings back memories of mark twain in claymation, haha. did you get to work on that shot where the balloons pass by the little girl's window? pretty breathtaking.